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Raising a Young Family in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Raising a Young Family in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you are thinking about where in the world you would like to relocated to bring up a young family, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico could just be the best choice for you and your loved ones. Take a look below at why:

Climate of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful place to raise a young family. Long gone are the days where your children are stuck indoors watching television or becoming bored because it is too cold to go outside. Mexico has the perfect climate for your young family to be able to explore the environment that is around them. Puerto Vallarta has year-round sun and ideal temperatures from November to April without a drop of rain in sight, while summer can be humid with heavy rain for only a couple of hours each day (which are generally very predictable and do not tend to thwart your plans for the day). It isn’t only the weather that is inviting but many other reasons why this is the perfect home for your young family to grow up in.

The environment of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a small city located on the Pacific coast of Mexico. It has a stretching coastline of sandy beaches and coves that are perfect for exploring. You could fill your afternoons and weekends with surfing, swimming, castle building and playing and never get bored. The beaches are safe to swim in and the water temperature stays a good temperature all year round. Wherever you decide to live the beach would be easy access by foot or by car.

Puerto Vallarta is also lucky to be surrounded by the rolling Sierra Madre mountains which offer a host of pastimes for you and your family. You could go hiking, biking or zip lining any day you like, as well as horseback riding. In fact, Puerto Vallarta is a great place for you to have a horse or pony, or sponsor a four-legged friend. You could even choose to live near to the river. The river is great for wading or swimming in and often a calmer choice than the beach on busy days. Your children would have lots of fun exploring the wide outdoors if you chose to live here.

Activities in Puerto Vallarta

Raising a family in Puerto Vallarta is far from dull. You don’t have to stay indoors getting bored and worried the children will be running riot all over the house. There are so many clubs and activities to experience here in Puerto Vallarta. You could join a sports team at the local stadium, take up paddle-boarding or surfing. Learn to salsa or flamenco dance. Or simply keep up with the hobbies you were used to at home except enjoy them in the sunshine. There are great cafes and play areas that you can run too when it gets too hot and you need some a/c. For example: Lukumbe restaurant which boasts an on site nanny and amazing indoor and outdoor play facilities; Gallerias shopping mall, which has great restaurants, a cinema and soft play area and train and other restaurants and cafes catered towards families around town.

Childcare and schooling in Puerto Vallarta

The great thing about Mexico is that full or part time child care is affordable and your nanny will be friendly and warm as Mexican people as a culture are one of the kindest. As a Signature Residences owners, you could also call upon the resort’s nanny services if you ever got stuck. This really helps if you have young children that are not school age and you need a break or to work. Life can be easier with some added help around. There are an enormous amount of bilingual private schools in the bay that range in price and location. You will definitely find the right one for your child.

The culture of Puerto Vallarta

If all the above doesn’t convince you to raise a young family in Puerto Vallarta then the culture should. It is so important for young children to experience the world around them and embrace different cultures. Mexico is such a diverse country that will open your children’s eyes to a different way of life. They can learn a second language from their new friends and teachers. They can experience different foods and learn from a different culture that will set them up to be accepting and well-rounded human beings.

If you wish to find out more about how to make Puerto Vallarta your home, contact us at Signature Residences so we can tell you all about our life-changing properties.