Fully Deeded Fractional-Ownership

The concept is very simple. We bring unrelated parties together to co-own a second home, similar to what friends and relatives have done on their own, for decades. Fractional ownership is the shared ownership of a residence with partner owners in the same unit. Residences in this program are divided into fractions of 1/12 (4 weeks) per year, for life.

You get the same beautiful residence, the same amenities, the same privileges and the same great lifestyle as if you owned a residence outright, but for a fraction of the price. Fractional ownership is the perfect real estate investment for vacationers, snow birds, travelers and other seasonal residents. The flexibility of the system allows you to purchase as much time in the home of your dreams as you desire.

How the schedule works

Owners are given the usage schedule for the residence at the time of purchase. Usage assignments automatically rotate every year during your own season so you know in advance how to plan your return visits.

Owners are free to keep their assigned spot or exchange dates with other owners at their convenience. Owners may also choose to exchange with other resorts in our Fractional Trade Program.

Cost effective

Fractional ownership offers a sensible, problem-free way to balance your vacation time usage to your investment in a second home.

Fee simple Real Estate

You enjoy all rights and privileges of owning real estate. That is, you can sell your property at any time at any price, inherit your share to your heirs, rent it, allow friends to use it, invite guests to share it and last, but we hope not least, escape to it with your loved ones.

Great investment

As with whole ownership, if the property appreciates in value, then so do the shares. Fractional owners can sell whenever they deem necessary or prudent, releasing the capital growth from their “brick & mortar” investment.

Rental income

Upon request, Garza Blanca will rent your fractional residence when you are not using it. Income generated can be used to help pay your maintenance fees and taxes.