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Garza Blanca Real Estate Opportunities

Garza Blanca Real Estate is prime beachfront realty located within one of the most desirable vacation destinations in Mexico. Luxury, quality and a sound investment are just three of the qualities that stand out about the real estate opportunities you will discover at Garza Blanca Signature Residences.

Whether you are a snowbird seeking a luxury property for a month or two, a family seeking a permanent second home, a retired couple looking to follow their dreams or an investor seeking to add a luxury asset to your portfolio, Garza Blanca Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta has the solution for you.

The Grand Penthouse Garza Blanca Real Estate

Prime Location

Not only are the Garza Blanca Real Estate opportunities located just 10 minutes from Puerto Vallarta’s town center, plaza and famous Malecon boardwalk, but they are also located within a private 85 acre beachfront nature preserve, which becomes your backyard when you purchase real estate at Garza Blanca that look upon the famous Los Arcos Rock formation. Residents at Garza Blanca Signature Residences can soak up the serenity and quietness of the beach, become mesmerized by the mountains and be soothed by birdsong. This exclusive property is a must have on the South Shore of Puerto Vallarta. It is luxury living and a real estate investment redefined.

Real Estate Opportunities

Garza Blanca Real Estate attracts a variety of different kinds of people with one thing in common: they are looking for something spectacular! A piece of this 85-acre nature preserve can be yours full time or through a deed fractional purchase of one month intervals. Whether you desire to own a lavish condo, or would like to settle in a plush penthouse, Garza Blanca has a way to make this possible.

Have you thought about deed fractionals?

Being a fractional owner at Garza Blanca Signature Residences lets you enjoy all the perks and benefits of being an owner for a certain period of a particular unit of property. You share it with “partners owners” who also gain access to the unit during their allotted times. Fractions come at 4 week intervals, and this is for a lifetime, to be bequeathed with your estate. One benefit of being a fractional owner is that you can use your equity from your fraction should you decide to buy a full property at a later stage. This is a popular option for those nearing retirement, who wish to make an investment while they are still working but are not ready to make the full relocation full time to Puerto Vallarta.

If real estate in Puerto Vallarta is something you would like to consider, but are not totally sure, why not visit on our Try and Buy program so you can speak to the experts about the options available to you.