PV Street Art Stroll on March 2nd

Amazing Colors and Downtime

One of the best parts about Puerto Vallarta is its thriving art scene. From upscale art galleries to urban graffiti street art, Puerto Vallarta has a colorful and eclectic mix of art that delights locals and visitors. Have you noticed the incredible murals and street art around Puerto Vallarta, especially in Old Town? Take time to slow down a bit and make sure you don’t miss the incredible street art that local talent has gifted this incredible city. On March 2nd, join along in the PV Street Art Stroll. It’s a free event that is focused on the beautiful murals and street art that is part of Puerto Vallarta’s charm and intrigue.

Old Town Charm and Mystique

Part of the charm and allure of Puerto Vallarta that wins over the hearts of visitors, is the walkable and quaint cobblestone streets, especially in Old Town. Although there is lots of new construction with modern buildings, you can still find that small town authentic vibe as you walk the streets. When it comes to street art, there is lots of interesting and beautiful art to discover around each corner.  Do you want to discover this incredible street art for yourself? Walk the streets of Puerto Vallarta where you can see some of the best murals and and unique street art that makes Vallarta so special. You can always walk the same paths that the artists did as they explored trying to find the best places to paint.

Incredible Street Art and Murals

With so many incredible pieces all over the city, the PV Street Art Stroll has identified the best route to focus on the art in downtown and Old Town. Meet up as the main church in town, the Lady of Guadalupe Church, and you will then begin your stroll around town to see a variety of beautiful murals that have become part of the history and landmarks in the city. The PV Street Art Stroll tour lasts about 2 hours, so attendees are advised to bring along water, comfortable walking shoes and of course a camera to take pictures of your favorite art. With street art, you are literally capturing a moment in time, because you never know if the art will be there the next day or not. Or you may come across a brand new piece of street art that just popped up overnight!  The PV Street Art Stroll is free, and requires a medium skill level due to stairs and a few hills you encounter along the way. In addition, your guide will offer interesting information about the artists and how they created their incredible and beautiful murals.

Ready to come along on the PV Street Art Stroll on March 2nd at 10 am? The group is limited to 18 people so visit www.pvstreetart.com today to sign up and secure your spot.