Buying a Car In Mexico (2019)

Buying a Car In Mexico

Are you an expat and loving life in beautiful, sunny Mexico? While many cities and towns have access to adequate public transportation that accommodates the needs of most expats, some people prefer to have their own car for the sake of convenience. In the past, many people went to great lengths to import their cars from the United States or Canada into Mexico. However, those days are history as more and more people are buying a car in Mexico thanks to the increased presence of affordable car dealerships. Want to learn more about buying a car in Mexico in 2019?

Read below for tips that will help the process smoother and more efficient.

Test Drive Various Options

To start with, select a few car dealerships and begin researching the top choices that interest you most. Narrow down your choices to about 3 potential options, and make sure you test drive each of the cars before you make your final choice. Make sure to compare dealerships and check for special promotions and incentives. While financing is possible in Mexico, it usually comes with high interest rates that can really add up over time. If possible, plan ahead and save so you can pay for your car in cash or using a credit card. Most car dealerships will also help you register your car with the local authorities. In addition, many dealerships will also help you obtain your state license plates for a small fee. Makes life easier so you can pick up your car and hit the road!

Buy Car Insurance

These days, buying a car in Mexico is not nearly as expensive as it used to be. While gas prices are typically more pricey than gas in the states or Canada, you can find a well priced, new or used car that won’t break the budget. After purchasing your car, make sure to purchase car insurance that covers you in case of any unexpected accidents or damages to your car. There are a lot of great insurance companies in Mexico, and the dealership themselves may offer a suggestion on the best companies to consider. Some car dealerships may even be able to help you obtain car insurance policy to make the process even easier and low stress.  

Pay Your Registration Fees  

When you buy a new or used car through a dealership, the car dealer will typically register your car for you. However, if you buy from an individual and need to register the car for yourself, it is a fairly simple process that shouldn’t take too much time. Head to the local car registration office and make sure to bring along the following documents in order to expedite the process: passport, resident visa, proof of address (water or electric bill),  title deed, and your clave única de registro de población (CURP). Getting a CURP is free and easy, and your local immigration office can assist you. On average, the cost to register your car will be less than $1000 to $2000pesos. Annual renewal fees will only cost around $600 pesos and should be paid each year in January.

Mexican Driver’s License

Although driver’s licenses from other countries are legally accepted in Mexico, if you plan on buying a car while living in Mexico, it just makes sense to get a local driver’s license as well. In order to obtain a Mexican driver’s license, head to the appropriate government office that issues driver’s licenses.  Make sure you bring a valid passport, resident Visa, birth certificate, and evidence of your home address such as a water bill or electric bill. In addition, you may be required to pass a simple written or driving test. The fee for a driver’s license is usually around $500 pesos, which is only $30USD so getting your Mexican driver’s license is inexpensive, too.

We hope you enjoyed this article about buying a car in Mexico. Safe travels!