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Agriculture in Banderas Bay

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In Banderas Bay, the local economy centers around tourism, sea fishing, and agriculture. Tourism is the primary source of income for the region. However, agriculture in Banderas Bay is also an important part of the local economy. As far as agriculture in Banderas Bay goes, the region is ideal for growing a variety of crops. The main crops are corn, beans, sorghum, tobacco, rice, watermelon and mango. Exotic fruits like papaya, litchi, and guanábana are also common. Read below to learn more about important agriculture in Banderas Bay.

Banderas Bay – What to Know

Also known as Bahía de Banderas in Spanish, Banderas Bay is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Punta Mita is the most northerly point and Cabo Corrientes is the southern point.  The Banderas Bay coastline stretches approximately 100 kilometers long. At 62 miles in length, it is one of the largest bays in Mexico.

Tourism drives the local economy in Puerto Vallarta. As a result, the coast of Banderas Bay has several noteworthy tourist facilities in both the state of Jalisco and bordering Riviera Nayarit. In fact, Puerto Vallarta is a primary resort destination and cruise ship terminal as well. In addition, Banderas Bay is also an important breeding and birthing ground for the majestic humpback whale. The whales visit the area each winter between the months of December through April. 

Importance of Corn

Mexico and the Importance of Corn

Corn is one of the most important crops in Banderas Bay. Corn is extremely important across Mexico.

The relationship between corn and the Americas goes back thousands of years when indigenous inhabitants cultivated and selectively bred corn. Over the years, corn has become one of the most widespread crops on earth.

The versatility of corn is one of its most distinguishing factors. Corn creates ethanol fuel, cornstarch, grain alcohol, animal feed, and a wide variety of delicious dishes. In Mexico, some of the country’s most popular foods are made from corn such as tortillas.


The tortilla is the backbone of an endless array of delicious Mexican dishes including enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, tamales, and gorditas. Although wheat flour has gained popularity in the States and in Mexico, corn is still king in Mexico. 

agriculture in Banderas Bay: tropical fruits

Tropical Fruits in Banderas Bay

In addition, there is a variety of tropical fruits that grow in Banderas Bay.

In Banderas Bay, the main fruits grown are watermelon, mango, papaya, litchi, and guanábana. Due to the pleasant climate that is warm and moderate all year long, visitors and residents in Banderas Bay have access to locally grown fresh fruit. Tropical fruits thrive in the warm and humid environment in Banderas Bay. Also, beans, sorghum, tobacco, and rice grow in Banderas Bay.

In Banderas Bay where Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are located, tourism is the principal source of income for the local economy. However, agriculture in Banderas Bay is also important. We hope you enjoyed this article on agriculture in Banderas Bay.